COVID-19 Resources

These are stressful times and it is easy for your depression or anxiety to get out of control.  We are here to help.  Listed below are a curated set of resources designed for teens, and the adults in your life.


Robbie's Challenge

In the fall of 2018 we issued a challenge to our youth in Robbie’s name.  In today’s world, as we struggle with COVID, social distancing and the loss of life’s milestones like Prom and Graduation, we cannot think of a more appropriate time to:

  • Befriend someone outside of your social circle, someone in need.
  • Be their ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, defender, protector.
  • It doesn’t matter if someone is different, awkward, unpopular, LGBTQ,
    socially unaccepted.
  • Be consistently compassionate & empathetic to those in need.
  • Be better than society.
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For Parents & Trusted Adults

We created the Adult Handbook to help parents and trusted adults talk to teens about normal teenage issues of anxiety, depression, and suicide. We’ve also compiled a list of additional resources to help guide you as you navigate these tough conversations and topics. We think they’ll help a lot.

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